Web Slave’s Story: Amazon Account

I am a male, age 57. I have been the property (fancy word:Chattel) of My Queen for nearly two years. I do not address her by name. She is My Queen and a near total power exchange has happened over time. This power transfer is near total.

This process has taken place with the direct knowledge of my spouse, who is in favor of it, and has taekn power herself as needed.

This power transfer was not instant. IT happened gradually after trust was established and respected.

Here are some of the power transfers, in outline format. I am planning on detailed blog posts on these topics to build a “how to” guide on submission Total Power Exchange. Some of this stuff is risky. Some of it may cross lines that certain people have. It works for me because there is trust in the relationship.

A bit about myself. I am a swtich, I have acted as a dominant in a limited way in several relationships. I am allowed to with my Queen’s approval conduct such relationships. As of this moment, I am a TPE(Total Power Exchange) Submissive. I have given up almost every decision making power in my life. As to the why, that is beyond the scope of this post. The coming list is not complete. I expect to edit this post many, many times.

Amazon: I have a child’s Amazon account that uses the “parents” credit card for all purchases. That parent account is an Amazon Prime account. My Queen controls the email, password and payment information on the account. The address matches my credit cards, which are tied to the home address.

In practice, there is no way for me to make purchases on this account without my Queens approval. IT does not matter whether I am buying a sex toy or underwear, each and every purchase is approved by my Queen. That power belongs to her.

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